Monday, March 24, 2008


Hi Friends, was started after inspiration from the Google Group by the same name.

About Hyd-Masti:
* Hyderabad Masti is the largest Google Group in India
* It has more than 18,000 members and everyday at least 50 members are being added to the group. (Its amongst the group that's classified as a High Activity Group)
* The group has all kinds of wonderful discussions, forwards, co-operation and its essentially a ground for strong bonding. You need some information, One post in HM and you are bound to get a response of some sort.
* Being a member of HM is a kind of honor in itself, and members themselves admit that!

There are certain guidlines for contributing mails/forwards to this group. These are available here:

This site is aimed at furthering the cause of the HM group. Currently the site is under development and several changes are in progress...These updates will be posted on this blog.

Thanks and have fun...