Monday, February 23, 2009

Copyright Information and DMCA Conformance: Updates

Dear visitors,

Here are some salient points pertaining to copyright of content posted on this site. Please feel free to contact the webmaster for any further clarifications.

Public Content only

This website hosts only public content and conforms to the Creative Commons Public Domain policies. Regular checks are made to ensure that copyrighted works do not slip through the screening process. We have a provision to flag any content that users think might be copyrighted and we have a policy to review that content within three working days and upon consideration remove the work from the website.

This is Not an Official Site

This site is not officially associated with any google group. We do not make any claims to be an official site. If any observations are made otherwise - on any content posted on this site - please contact the webmaster and appropriate action would be taken to make corrections.

All sources to content have been linked to

At the end of almost all posts, there is a link to the message source. This link points to individual threads on the HM Google group. These links are references for the members of the HM Group to track these messages. Also, this way the original person who posted this message can be contacted. Note that the link is accessible only to the registered members of the HM Google group and for no one else.

Email Privacy Protection

All content posted on this site goes through an email scanning system which trims the email so that the original email cannot be identified. This way no email is exposed to the Internet, protecting the people who post messages from any online email vulnerability.

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